I’m Back

After about an 8 year hiatus (the time’s a bit fuzzy), I recently decided that it was time to resurrect this web site.

But First, A Brief History

About 20 years ago, I acquired this domain from a long-time friend. I don’t recall the details of why he gave it to me, to be honest, but I’m sure glad he did because netmonkey.net is an awesome domain name.

It wasn’t long thereafter that I put up my own web site, which I made using my HTML and CSS skills of the day (which haven’t gotten any better since). It was a basic web site, containing links to web sites I liked, information about my home computer setup, and even a journal of my trip to San Francisco to attend MacWorld in early 2002, where I got to see Steve Jobs debut the iMac G4. At some point in late 2002 or early 2003, the web site went down.

In 2005, I created my first personal blog running WordPress. All together, there was about 10 years worth of data on the site because I imported older content from previous blogs (e.g., Kuro5hin, Blogger.com, etc.) and kept adding new content on a fairly regular basis. All together, there were hundreds of posts.

Sadly, sometime in 2011 or 2012, I decided to take the entire blog down. I remember a huge sigh of relief, because not only did I no longer feel the pressure to update my blog, but I managed to regain a sense of control over how much of my personal life I was putting out there on the Internet. Above all else, it just wasn’t fun and felt more like a burden, so I decided to archive it and move on.

Why Now?

That’s a good question.

For starters, I needed a project. Building this web site is giving me something to do with my time and my brain, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. It gives me something to play with, and to try out new things.

Furthermore, I gave up Facebook and Twitter back in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Ever since, I’ve not had much of an outlet on the Internet, except for my private Instagram (which I intend to keep private). Instagram is great if you want to share photos, but not-so-great for writing, so I’ve decided that it was time to create a new version of this web site, with new content, and see where it takes me.

What’s This Blog About?

Basically, here are my thoughts about the content on this blog.

  • Posting will likely be infrequent.
  • I will not use this space as social media, which means comments are permanently banned. Email will be the preferred feedback method.
  • I will not post anything political. I really don’t care about your political beliefs, so why should I believe that you would care about mine? The world is a better place when people keep politics and religion (but mostly politics) to themselves.
  • I’ve done a lot of genealogy research about my family, and I’d like to get some of that information out on the Internet. There are some interesting stories to share, and I’d really like to publish a family tree. This web site gives me a place to do all that.
  • I enjoy thinking and writing about technology, specifically topics around cloud services, networking servers, automation, etc. I’ll be documented some of my personal tech projects, as well.
  • There may be a rant or two, but I promise not to be too grumpy. 😎

In the meantime, I’m going to work on the theme, layout, backend, and presentation services. Once I have things settled, I’ll write up how I chose to serve this site to the Internet.