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Slave Owner: Caleb Barton


Caleb Barton and his wife, Sarah (née Siddens), are my 3rd great-grandparents. Caleb is the son of James & Mary Barton, while Sarah is the daughter of William Siddens and a woman with the last name of Housewright. Sadly, I don't have exact birth and death information for either of them, except that they were born in Kentucky, likely Barren County.

For Caleb, the evidence of him owning slaves comes from the 1840 census and a mention in his father's will.

1840 Census

This is the only confirmed evidence showing that Caleb had slaves.

Gender Age Range No. of Slaves
Male 10 thru 23 1
Famale Under 10 1
Female 36 thru 54 1

Father's Will

As documented in a previous article, Caleb's father James left Caleb a man named Loranzo, as long as Caleb paid $250 to the estate.

To my son Caleb Barton a negro [sic] man named Loranzo upon his paying $250.

Unfortunately, Caleb died about 1845, possibly before his father. Because I don't have an exact date, I can't determine if Loranzo ever went to Caleb or his estate.

Known Names

So far, the only name I've been able to find is Loranzo.

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